Our wonderful old merchandise. Some of this didn't see the light of day.....
Item Picture Price Stock Info
Medium Car Sticker S £3 0

Car sticker. Very good actually. Skippy did 'em. I Had one of these on my Escort until I sold it. Now someone's driving around wondering who the hell "Exhibit A" are.


Extra Large Car Sticker S £500 1 It was bloody big as well. When we said "large" we didn't expect something 8 feet long. This was like Spinal Tap's Stonehenge in reverse.
A Different Dimension T Shirt a £12 Delete Excellent chest and sleeve print. Two for the price of one insofar as when washed the transfer disintegrates, leaving you with a clean, fresh t shirt.
Official Lobster T Shirt     If I can get the shitty melted transfer off my wife's iron without her noticing I might just knock a few more of these out.
Out There T Shirt b £3.99 Delete

Cheap 'eh? That's because we haven't got any, so we can publish a stupid price. "Hello, advertising standards......."

And doesn't it look rubbish? Like someone has just photoshopped the album cover onto a tee shirt. Surely not.

More like a "Tee Shite" really.

Make Mine a Lobster T shirt a £12 Wait!

New Exhibit A album cover on chest and sleeve. Fantastic! Buyers should remember that washing with white spirit and going naked through a car wash is the most reliable way to remove the trasfer should it burn into your skin after being worn for more than 30 seconds.

And wait, that isn't event the right cover - this looks like the sort of cheap pirated crap that gets sold outside gigs for a fiver when the the shirts inside are about fifty quid.

A Different Dimension Tape a £7.50 50+ Seven and a half quid for a frigging tape you say? "yes" we say. It's worth it just for the retro value of owning a tape and having nothing to put it in. Speak to Barrie Cannon if you need a tape playing machine.
Out There (CD) a £5.00 4875 Excellent stock availability from an initial run of 5000
Exhibit A DVD a £ offer 1 Archive video of Exhibit A gigs and rehearsals. Recorded at various venues and reproduced by hooking two videos together so every track has a whine like a jump jet taking off. Plus point is you get to see the bit where Barrie tampers with the dry ice machine and almost asphyxiates himself.  The downside? It's all total shite.
Photo of Nick a FOC Delete Complete with jacket featuring rolled up sleeves (that's a jacket in the photo, not a free jacket). This is a bit of an arty picture - rest assured that Nick is not fading in reality a la "Back to the Future".
Photo of Neil a FOC Delete Look out-the hair has "body snatcher" like qualities (well, it did then. Now it looks as though it's been snatched-or it's off a snatch).
Photo of Dave a FOC Delete Yaaaarrrrgh-looks like Tony Hadley.
Photo of Paul a FOC Delete Looks like nothing on earth-and that's the back of his head. This picture is intentionally squashed because Paul's head is in fact a very weird shape that frightens children and therefore carries a mandatory 15 rating. 
Update - this is now a "fathead".
Photo of Steve a £10 Loads Oooooh. Faaaab.
Photo of Barrie a FOC Delete If you think he looks rough here, you should see him now, pal.
Photo of Nigel a 3p A few Our engineering superstar.