Exhibit A's Discography. All for sale so get in quick.



Make Mine a Lobster (2010)

Lyrics and arrangements by Exhibit A.

  1. Touch the Stars
  2. Carousel
  3. From First to Last
  4. A Far Cry
  5. Rush of Blood
  6. Darker Sun
  7. Missing Years
  8. Wake up to Reality
  9. Scenario

Produced by Exhibit A

Contains non explicit lyrics.
May contain nuts.


Out There (1994)

Lyrics and arrangement by Exhibit A except "Scared To Live (Barrie Cannon). Special guest appearance from Lisa (Vocals) and Russ (Tenor Sax) on "Scared To Live".

  1. Within These Walls
  2. On The Edge
  3. Against The Flow
  4. Scared To Live
  5. Pseudo City
  6. Hindsight
  7. Don't Let Go
  8. Learning The Hard Way

Engineered and produced by Ray Marquis, Farm Studio, Rainham, Essex.


A Different Dimension (1990)

Written and performed by Exhibit A. Special guest appearance from Jane Winniberg on "No Compromise".

  1. After Hours
  2. Never The Same
  3. No Compromise
  4. The Pie
  5. Make Believe World
  6. Forgive Me Now
  7. Decision Day

Produced by Darren Woodford, Diploma Studio, Malden, Essex 1990.