Exhibit A in a bit more detail.
Paul Caswell, Drums

Paul joined Exhibit A in 1992 and quickly influenced the style and quality of the material. Now back after playing bass with some other insignificant band for the past 10 years.

Equipment includes: A virtual electronic drum kit that we can turn down.
A drum stick.
A vibrator.
A bald head.

Paul Says:
“I always wanted to be a rock star, which is why I love to play drums. It's because I'm so talanted that I sold my drum kit and tried playing bass instead. I love the bass, so I’m selling that as well. I fancy myself as a sort of modern day combination between William Shatner and Mark King because William Shatner is just so cool and Mark King made the move from drums to bass and look where it got him. If I'd kept playing and had a lot more talent then I'd be competing with him for the position in Level 42. William Shatner. The guy is a genius and I don't know why he got sacked from Star Trek and that other nameless prick got the starring role in the new film. When I was really drunk once I found out that William Shatner was actually the driving influence behind U2.

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