Exhibit A in a bit more detail.
Neil Foss, Keyboards

One of the founder members of Exhibit A and a significant songwriting influence. Neil is a classically trained pianist, achieving grade 1 when he was only 25 years old. He's a strong exponent of the principle that states that you should play as little as possible on a song - although this is taken to extremes where there is no keyboard line actually created, but an expression of clear self satisfaction at the perceived contribution follows nonetheless. He also has an amazing grasp of MIDI technology, using MIDI cables to hold his amp together as far back as the late 80's.

Equipment includes: Some seriously retro synths complete with a spectacular layer of dust that's so thick you can't resist writing "bum" on them.

Neil says:
“I always wanted to be a rock star, even when I was thinking about being an astronaut. Part of my image is around using old synths for that retro Genesis and Marillion sound. That's why I've never bothered to update my incredibly incredible retro gear".

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